Monday, 10 July 2017 



How beautiful upon the mountains

Are the feet of him who brings good news,

Who proclaims peace,

Who brings glad tidings of good things,

Who proclaims salvation,

Who says to Zion,

“Your God reigns!”  Isaiah 52:7 NKJV


Sovereign Father God, this verse is an awesome reminder of Your Son Jesus’ ministry here in the world. Help us today to spread the good news of Your love and of Your gift of salvation through Christ. I come to You today thankful for Your love and for all that You are doing in my life even when I can’t see You working. Please, shine Your glorious face upon us today and show my brothers and sisters and I how You are working in our lives and in the plans that you have for us. Open the eyes of my heart Lord, open my spiritual eyes and help me to see the opportunities that You are giving me to proclaim peace, and to share Your good news with others. You are awesome and glorious and wonderful and You reign Sovereign over all creation seen and unseen. I put my trust and faith wholly in You and in Your greatness. Take me to the next place in my life and illuminate my next steps on this narrow path that is my life that You are guiding me on today. I love You God, I love You and I praise and worship You! It is in the name of Christ that I pray. AMEN

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