Tuesday, 17 October 2017 

Isaiah_55:6_ 800x533_Imperator


Seek the Lord while you can find him. 

    Call on him now while he is near.” Isaiah 55:6 NLT 


Most High Sovereign God, I come to You broken at Your feet. I love You and worship You and praise Your Holy Name. I come to You, my Creator, my King, my God in intercession for my brothers and sisters in Christ as well as with petitions for myself. Please God draw near to us. Move and work for us, that we might be reminded of Your love for us and of Your willingness to bless us and to give us good and wondrous gifts. Strengthen us and give us courage and boldness to share the good news of Christ with others and to draw them unto You. God, many of us are in need of seeing Your shining face and the works of Your mighty hand on our behalf. Please remember us and Your promises that You have both written in Your word and written personally upon our hearts. Hear our prayers and petitions and look upon them favorably. Please God, show us Your faithfulness to our petitions and to Your promises and allow us to see and partake in miraculous works of Your hand to show Your glory to us as well as to those still walking in darkness. Move and work in mighty and miraculous ways and draw Your people unto Yourself, ignite and fuel white hot fires in our hearts and spirits for You God and for Your Holy Son Christ Jesus our Lord. Send down Your Holy Spirit, open our eyes and hearts to Your will for our lives, and anoint us with the gifts that You would have us to use to show Your glory and majesty to all that will see and hear. Give us direction and guidance each and every day and draw close to us so that we can feel, hear, and see Your presence in our lives. We love You and give You thanks and praise. All glory and honor and praise belong to You! We ask these things in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord; AMEN! 

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